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Things you will need to know & do

Leading up to the event

Print out all paperwork that you may need and bring it to the tack with you.

  • Information Sheet (Sometimes given at the track) - tells you what you need to know for an enjoyable day
  • Disclaimer Form - required for registration at the track
  • Copy of your entry form
  • List of entrants (when available) - tells you who else will be there
  • Grid Sheet - explaining which group and order you will run in

At the track

When you get to the track and have settled into your garage or carport area, you will need to grab your Licence and Club membership card and head off to sign on for the day. Once you have signed on, you will receive:

  • Scrutineering Sheet - required for you to get through scrutineering
  • Video Camera Form - you will need this if you intend to carry a video camera or lap timing device in your car


Grab your car and driving at walking pace head over to scrutineering where your car will be checked to make sure it complies with the rules of the event you are at. They will also check your helmet and track clothing.

  • Remember, Synthetic clothing and Joggers are not acceptable footwear.

At the drivers briefing

As a first timer, you will hear a lot of instructions from the Clerk of the Course, please listen carefully. You will then get to do a few familiarisation laps in your car. It's advisable to track down a more experienced person who will drive with you and explain the driving lines, apexes and braking points, etc., to get you around the circuit safely. Listen carefully.

Secrets to going quick

Car set up: Alignment, good maintenance and proper equipment

Seat time: Can't go fast if you don't practice.

Attitude: Your attitude to your driving and to other competitors will affect how quick you are.

A little driver courtesy will go a long way!

Coaching: Find someone who's quick in their own car and ask for help.

Remember that a low horsepower car has high handling characteristics. You can get your braking done before the

corner and get on the power early allowing you to be fast out of the corners.

The crew at Drivetek Motorsport are always ready to help

with on and off track advice.

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