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Small Car Cup

The most exciting touring car racing in Australia 

Small Car Cup is the most exciting category in Australian Touring Car Racing. It not only is grassroots motorsport at its best! It is set  to become the true grassroots  premier Tin Top Category as it grows. 


The series delivers close racing, great competition and excitement at a fraction of the cost that most people would expect. Small Car Cup is based on the original Group A regulations released in Europe in 1982 with a relevant changes for our category.

  • For any car to be eligible it had to be produced in a minimum quantity of 5000 units per year. 
  • Engine modifications are limited and sensible. 
  • Gearboxes and brakes are the homologated units from the manufacturer. 
  • The suspension can be uprated provided it maintains the road car’s original design and mounting points.
  • There are three classes based on engine kilowatts 0-64kW, 65-81kW and 82-88kW. 

Like in the early years of Group A in Europe and Australia this category proves how good these rules were and still are, with race cars very closely linked to the road cars on which they are based. It provides close competition between a variety of different makes and models from Europe, Japan, the UK, Korea and the USA.


Our category only uses 0-1600cc . We are Also currently trialling a new class for cars up to 2lt but these have a maximum of 100kW only. Obviously for our modern cars, there is no special homologated brakes or gearbox etc, and the pistons and cam lift are manufacturers spec. These are Touring Cars that look and sound like proper Touring Cars should.


What made Group A so special in its early days and what makes Small Car Cup & NSW Touring Car Championship so special is the rich mix of different makes and models, the great technical variety, close competitor involvement and strong DNA links with the showroom products. 


Nothing has ever come close to matching this and we are proof that the Group A regulations can work again in the modern era.


This is a fantastic motorsport series to be involved in and you dont need to spend large sums of money to do it. 

No matter if your stepping up from karting, a beginner or experienced campaigner, Small Car Cup series will give you maximum fun on minimum budget.

The Cars

Must have been manufactured & complied between January 1970 and December 2010. 

The Classes

The 2023 Championship consists of 4 classes that are kilowatt based

Class A: 0 - 64kW

Class B: 65 - 81kW

Class C: 82 - 88kW

Class D: 0 -100kW cars up to 2Lt

These classes ensure close, exciting and friendly competition where Race, Series and Championship winners can come from any of the classes.

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