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NSW Regularity Championship

A regularity series like no other.

This series is fun & challenging for new and experienced competitors with plenty of track time. It will be run over 6 rounds during 2021 with your best 5 rounds counting to your championship score. 

Its not about being the fastest. 

Regularity is a great type of motorsport event for all competitors it is one of the most difficult types of motorsport to master but its great fun. 

Being relatively safe and affordable, it attracts enthusiasts of all ages and gender as well as a large variety of cars.

Objectives of Regularity

Regularity is a competition where the driver nominates a lap time and endeavours to maintain that time over a number of laps of the race circuit. The closer you are to your nominated lap time, the more points earned for each lap. The driver with the most points wins the heat and the day. Furthest from their nominated lap time comes last.

It’s a relatively safe form of competition, as outright speed or lap time is not a consideration in scoring. Therefore, you don’t need an expensive race car – your street car can be just as competitive as any track or race car. A car passing you on the track is not perceived as beating you, as competitors are not permitted to block or dice with each other, as in racing. These rules result in much safer competition and any competitor who blocks or dices with another will be spoken to by the event officials.


2023 Championship Dates

Regularity dates 2023.png

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