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Here in NSW we have 3 main race circuits and numerous hill climb circuits.

We will update this page as we can with more venues.

Arriving at Pheasant Wood Circuit

AS you head into Pheasant Wood you will see carport space on the right and the general paddock area on the left. If you're early enough, grab a carport otherwise join the crowd in the paddock area. Clear everything out of your car and then head down to the office to sign in.

Arriving at Wakefield Park

Drive in and find a spare carport in the two rows on the left. Take everything out of your car. Empty the glove box, pockets, and boot (including the spare tyre if you have one, tools and jack, etc). After everything is out of the car, head to scrutineering, take your paperwork, helmet and be fully dressed in the clothing you intend to drive in. Take your paperwork in for checking off, apply your numbers to your car if you don't already have them on the car. Once the car is scrutineered, head back to your carport and wait for the call to the drivers meeting.

Arriving at Sydney Motorsport Park

The circuit is entered from the south side, off Ferrers Road. Turn left at the guard's shed, head down the hill. The South circuit is just on your right and the North and Brabham circuit is through the tunnel. set yourself up as you would at Wakefield Park unless you have a garage allotted to you.

When you get to the track and have settled into your garage or carport area, you will need to grab your Licence and Club membership card and head off to sign on for the day which is usually located at the office at the bottom of the control tower.

Once you have signed on, you will receive:

  • Scrutineering Sheet - required for you to get through scrutineering
  • Video Camera Form - you will need this if you intend to carry a video camera or lap timing device in your car

Grab your car and join the line up for scrutineering

At the drivers briefing

As a first timer, you will hear a lot of instructions from the Clerk of the Course, please listen carefully. You should then get to do a few familiarisation laps in your car (behind a pace car). It's advisable to track down a more experienced person who will sit in with you and explain the best driving lines, apexes, braking points, etc., to get you around the circuit safely.

Listen carefully to all advice given as it is all for your benefit.

That’s it. Apart from saying "have fun", which you will.

Remember that it's the nut behind the wheel that's the biggest performance improvement to lap times, not the bits bolted on. Dicing with someone in your class whose times are within half a second of yours is more exciting than winning by three seconds. BUT Remember it's not a race!!

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