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Motorsport can be dangerous as the saying goes. 

This is a fact and despite the organisers taking all reasonable precaution for safety etc, unavoidable accidents can and do sometimes happen.

In respect of these, They will tell you that you are present at any and each event, At your Own risk! You should take every precaution to follow all instruction so you have a safe and enjoyable time at each event.

HOWEVER...... They should also tell you that club level motorsport is one of the safest, most exciting and affordable hobbies that you can ever be involved in. It is one of the worlds largest forms of sport and has the largest variety of any sport you can think of.

So why aren't you involved with us?

No matter what you have done on the road and no matter how spirited you have driven, it is absolutely nothing like the thrill of competing at an organised event and with everyone going in the same direction, its a lot safer.

Most clubs and groups specialise in 1 type of event only, but we can help you find a wide variety of events across many clubs and venues.

You don't need a lot of money and you don't need an expensive V8 Supercar to come and have fun. Many people at grassroots level motorsport use either their daily driver or a cheap car bought from the internet with a few added tweaks.

If you look at some of the more successful cars around, you may learn that many started as a cheap car bought from the internet.

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