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Southern Cross Reliability Trial

September 7th - September 8th 2024


The Inaugural Southern Cross Reliability Trial promises to be an exciting event for all rally and car enthusiasts. Set throughout the Australian Capital Territory and the surrounding New South Wales country side, the event will cover a distance of 800klm over 2 days with approximately 95 kilometres of this being good, unsealed roads. These unsealed sections are amazing and are easily driven by any standard road car. 


The route takes in some spectacular roads and allows crews to visit many new localities over the weekend while also being able to utilise their navigation and driving skills.

The event route will also include various sections from rallies that were run in the 50’s and 60’s which will add to the challenge and atmosphere of the event.


There are 4 levels of competition categories and 1 non-competition category. This will allow all crews the opportunity to choose the level of ease or difficulty they require to enjoy this fabulous weekend.


Southern Cross Reliability Trial is open to almost all road and conditional registered cars both classic and modern however, EV's & Hybrids, commercial vehicles and people movers cannot be accepted.


No matter if you are an experienced competitor or a novice, you won’t want to miss this event. Put this one in your calendars and start preparing for a truly remarkable adventure.



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