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Drivetek Motorsport   - Events

Drivetek Motorsport hostes many events each year

Please see the list below and click on the link to go to the event information etc.


Each year we host a round of the Classic Rally Championship.
This event is a fantastic day out and is open to anyone with a road licence and a registered car.
Click on the Button to find out more

NSW Tourers Trophy

Awesome new race series for 4cyl cars up to 100kW and 6cyl cars up to 160kW

These cars are very close to factory standard and are lot of fun to drive while being inexpensive to buy, build and maintain.

Click the button to find out more. 

NSW Regularity Championship

New Regularity Series starting in early 2021. This Regularity Series will be the first state based regularity of its type. As with all DriveTek Motorsport events, there will be plenty of track time. 

These events are for competitors that love a challenge!

Classic Car Events

More information coming soon

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