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NSW Tourers Trophy

The purpose of this category is to provide inexpensive, enjoyable and close competition for competitors that want to build and race a modified race car. It is for drivers of all experience levels and will be a true test of driver and car in a level playing field.

Eligible cars will have been built from January 1960 to December 2010 and were sold new in Australia.

All cars must be powered by:

  • 4 Cylinder 0 – 2000cc up to 100kW.
  • 6 cylinder engine.
  • Rotary Engines 10a and 12a (Not peripheral port)

Cars will be grouped into classes.

  •  0 – 2000cc
  • 2001cc - 3000cc
  • 3000cc and above
Car regulations for the series are available at

Register for the series  on the form to your right  


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Proposed Car - Year/Make/Model

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