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2021 Sheep Station Rally

A round of the 2021 CRC Rally Championship.

16th May 2021

Don't Miss This One

The Sheep Station Rally is a great day of competitive navigational rallying using some fantastic roads both sealed and unsealed. If you had fun at our last event, you’ll love this year even more. 

We have moved from our usual 2nd weekend in August date to 30th August this year so that we don’t cross up with other events that are of interest to Classic Rally Club members.

We will be continuing on our format from previous years with do-able navigation, while driving on about 80% new roads and lanes. As in all our events the competition will be fierce but friendly adding to the atmosphere of the event. If you’re thinking of stepping up Tour to Apprentice, this is definitely the rally to have a go.

In Masters and Apprentice, once again we will be using 1980’s maps and the Navigators will be able to get their heads out of the maps and enjoy the drive also.

Tour and Social will have Route Instructions like previous years with the added road signs, speed limits, cautions and navigational tulips to help with their route. There will be a mapped navigation section during the day with Tulip instructions for these classes to test their skills.

For all classes there will be some long runs where the crews can settle in and enjoy the drive while keeping their average speed up to cover the distances in a timely manor. 

As always this rally is part of the CRC Championship with over the 300 kilometres of competitive stages on sealed and very good unsealed roads in all classes.

Keep an eye out for further details either here or on the CRC website.

Put it in your diary right now - 16th May 2021 

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