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Pitstop Items

Drop into our Motorsport Shop in Goulburn NSW


email us at:

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Race Tape

Black, Silver, Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

50mm x 15m $10.00 per roll

50mm x 25m $18.00 per roll

Jiggler Hoses

Hi Flow Fuel Jigglers

Copper head

  • Anti-static
  • braided
  • won't kink
  • petrol / diesel/ water

$26.00 each

Wheel Brace

These four-way wheel braces are

  • 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 23mm sizes
  • Chrome plated for corrosion and abrasion resistance

$17.00 each

Fire Extinguishers

With metal mounting bracket


Australian Made 1Kg fire extinguishers 

No matter what type of motorsport you are involved in, you will need one in your car. 

In motorsport, all fire extinguishers are valid for 3 years from the date stamped into the extinguisher. Make sure it also has a metal bracket and a secure strap around it.

$38.00 each

Track Car Numbers

Black or White

Numbers in Black or White

$ 10.00 per Number

Number squares in Black or White

$ 15.00 each

Windscreen Numbers

Yellow only

Approved 150mm high Yellow window numbers

$ 7.00 per Number

More items coming very soon

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